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Sagemcom FAST5460 router says "Wi-Fi Status: Disabled"




I have a Sagemcom FAST5460 router which I got with my Vodafone RedInternet 200, which sometimes refuses to work. More specifically, the Wi-Fi does not work. The upper three LEDs are lit up, but the lower one for Wi-Fi is off. If I open the administrator tools under it says "Wi-Fi Status: Disabled", see screenshot. I haven't found a way to make it "enabled". When connecting through an Ethernet cable, Internet works. Restarting the router or pressing the Wi-Fi button on it doesn't do anything. I also tried disabling the 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz networks and enable them again. I haven't found anything useful in the manual, other than that this means that my Wi-Fi is disabled, and that it can be enabled by pressing the Wi-Fi button on the device for less than 5 seconds, which as already said, I have tried. The problem usually seems to solve itself after leaving the device powered off for a longer time. But of course this is not acceptable, especially not in times where I am working from home, and I am running a smart home which is completely down when this happens.



I tried searching on the web, and most people said their issue was solved by getting a new device sent to them. My HW-Version is 1.18. Thank you in advance for any help.




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Today the problems continued, the Wi-Fi was now enabled, but it was very slow and I had no Internet through the cable to my PC. So I restarted it again, and it didn't want to start for several hours. The statuses were the following:Capture.PNG


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well, did you tried the factory reset? Did you try different wifi channel? If yes, and it doesnt work also, we could try to swap the device.





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