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Router restarts itself multiple time per day



I am working from home for the past year and for several last months it has become much more difficult due to router issues. It restarts at random times with connection being lost and then back online many times a day and often multiple times in a row. It is not possible to do any kind of online conference, watch a movie, or do another kind of work where a stable connection is needed. 


Every time the connection is lost the LEDs are blinking, sometimes with white and sometimes with red colors.


I've tried to change the settings as it was suggested in the support FAQs, setting the dynamic range, enabled band steering - but nothing really helped.

Is there anything else I can do to fix the problem? Ideally, I'd like the technician to come and help me and maybe even replace the device as it really seems to be a hardware issue.

Best regards,




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Hello AndreiZ,


please answer the open questions from the Link  in advance.


Best regards, Martin

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