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Request router replacement

I need a new internet router. I called the customer support, but they hang up when heard me speaking english...

I got an internet router from Vodafone in 2017. A few month ago I started to experience problems with wi-fi and it got to the point when the connection breaks every 5-10 minutes. I have to turn it off-on after each break in order to restore the connection. I tried all the troubleshouting guidelines but it does not help.
How do I order a replacement?
Thank you for your help in advance.
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which router do you have and could you please post a screenshot of the docsis signaling which can be found on the router webinterface.

kind regards


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Hi Nikita,


Unfortunately, I have a problem exactly like your problem.

I have a DSL-Kabel 50 service with CH7466CE Wireless Voice Gateway modem - Firmware version

My modem does not work when I use both Band Modes (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), Therefore, WiFi goes completely down every ca. 10 minutes. so it doesn't work. but when I turn off Band Mode 2.4 GHz, everything goes well again. unfortunately both networks are affected.

I even get the Trace Route from, Local path and gateway. I can see clearly where the problem is. I phoned the vodafone several times on this subject, and even opened a ticket. but unfortunately nobody understands me. Actually this is very simple, the modem has to be changed, but unfortunately they do not do this.


Best regards,


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Hello Nikita_Kovalov,

before I just switch the router, I want to check the line. Please send me a PN with your customer data (name, address, customer number and date of birth).

Then please contact me again here when you have sent me the data.

Best regards



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