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Hi, my DSL connection was activated on 16.09 by the Telekom technician but the wifi never worked. I suspect the Fritzbox is broken because the installation could never be finished (timeout error). I reached out to Vodafone via WhatsApp and had friends calling the service department multiple times. I followed the service dept instructions to reinstall or reset the fritzbox for 20 times. Seems that everyone is ignoring the fact that IT NEVER WORKED. Today a technician from Telekom came and checked the DSL connection and the connection cable. These are working, and the technician said that it looks like the Fritzbox is broken and I need to contact Vodafone to replace it.
I don't speak German, unfortunately, and don't have anyone available these days to call the service in German.  I need to get this fixed ASAP and I'm supposed to be working from home right now and the bills from Vodafone are coming despite not having WiFi.
Tried the contact form and is not working. Vodafone Whatsapp is ignoring me and Vodafone Service FB page is not replying after I sent them my details. Trying here as well! Hoping there is a way to get a new Fritzbox or a solution. Thanks.

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Hi Alina1234,


welcome to the Vodafone Community!


I'm sorry that you can not use your connection right now.


If the Telekom technician reported a faulty device it will be replaced by us.


You will then receive a confirmation via SMS.


If you did not receive any info after the appointment, please send me a private message with your name, customer number and mobile phone number.




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