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Problem with VPN and CH7466CE / connection becomes unusable for household


Hello, I'm using Vodafone 50 MBit/s (cable network) and the router CH7466CE (Firmware with my Wayfair laptop on a wired connection (Powerline), which generally works fine, when not using VPN. When I switch on VPN (Cisco Any Connect 4.6.04056), two things happen:
1. General internet access from my laptop becomes very slow: Google Meet not working properly, very slow loading of everything. Loading company internal pages (for which VPN is required) is so slow that it's unusable.
2. Internet connections from other devices in my house are also getting very slow. Even the phone (which works over DECT + cable access from the router) becomes unusable and I cannot understand the other side when they call. It seems like the VPN takes up all the bandwidth, but nothing comes through.


I've done some speed test measurements with the laptop plugged directly into the router with a cable with the following result.

No VPN: very close to the 50 MBit/s downstream and upstream as promised

With VPN accessing a company web page: 2.4 MBit/s downstream, 0.59 Mbit/s upstream (but phone no longer working)

Other employees in my company don't have this problem.

Can you help?




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Hi Sachsenschröder,


Powerline is NOT a wired connection. Using an ethernet wire is wired connection. This is only for your information Smiley (zwinkernd)


I think I have an idea. Please send me your name, address and customer number by PN. Please also let me know here if you have sent the message.


Kind regards


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