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No Internet

I haven't had a day with Internet since I receive de router:

1) 15/01/2022: I have used the services of this company; 2) 21/01/2022: I received the modem, installed it according to your instructions, but I still don't have internet ("@" sign flashing), so I had to pay 9,90 EUR for one week of Vodafone Hotspot; 3) 21/01/2022: I spoke with Vodafone customer service and they have scheduled a call and, if necessary, a technical visit; 4) 22/01/2022: I received the call and when I got home my internet was working but about 3 hours later it stopped working and since then it has not worked. So I have not been able to use the internet for more than 3 hours since I signed the contract. I would like to know when the internet will be regulated again and if you will deduct these days from my monthly bill

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Correction: I want to schedule a technical visit

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Hi LucasVelasquez,


welcome to our Community.


We can have a look on that. Please send me a private message with the following information:


- your full name

- your full address

- date of birth

- customer number

- e-mail address

- the link of this thread


Please reply here when you have sent the private message.




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