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No Internet Connection - No Service Technician

Account Number - xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I have received my modem. This first came without a cable which I have sourced myself. On trying to set up the modem I am getting the continuous flashing red light. I have tried all ports in the apartment including the source port. I have tried leaving it some time to allow a connection to establish. I've reset. I've gone through all the troubleshooting.

I had a call with support who indicated that a technician would call me. This was on Monday (22/11/21) morning and still no call. I called again on Wednesday (24/11/21) - still no call from technician. 

I need a technician to come to my apartment on Friday morning 26-11-2021. It has to be Friday as I cannot continue without internet due to covid conditions and working from home. 

I'm now paying Vodafone - please provide your service. 


Edit@PatNicholson  Customer number removed.

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Hallo PatNicholson,


hast Du denn jetzt einen Technikertermin bekommen? Sehr gerne schauen wir uns das noch einmal an.


Sende dazu bitte Deine Daten in einer privaten Nachricht. (Name, Kundennummer, Adresse und Geburtsdatum)


Melde Dich dann bitte wieder kurz hier, wenn Du sie verschickt hast.


Viele Grüße




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