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I returned router to Nurenberg, not Marienfeld!

Since my TV and my Router were part of the same package, after I returned the TV Box to the address I had been given here in the community.  I also sent my router there as well.  According to DHL it was received on 16. June 2021.  A day later i received a notice from Vodafone, saying I must return my Router to an address in Marienfeld, within 14 days of the expiration of my contract.  Well the email was not sent to me, until days after my contract expired.! The Fritz Box was already sent, as my contract terminated on the 4th of June!  I did not want to be charged for it, and having been given only one address, it was sent there. 


Unfortunately the last time I posted something with my account number, it was deleted by a moderator because it contained "personal information".  Well how can anyone help me without knowing my account?

Right now this Senior Citizen, is fuming mad!  I get no help from Vodafone, no way to contact them other than a phone number I cannot understand how to use!  Is there anyone willing to address my problem?


When I posted this in the Kabel Forum, I was told my Fritz Box is not Kabel but DSL. That I sent to the wrong address, and to the wrong forum.  Case closed! 


 So here comes another question.  Since my Fritz Box and my TV Box were part of a package, why am I told the Fritz Box is something else?  Everything is a separate account.  Yet you call it a Red Package!  The TV Box did not work from Cable, it plugged into my Fritz Box.  It was not Cable, it was also DSL!  By that lack of logic, then it should also have been sent to the Marienfeld address!  But Vodafone does not use logic. 


So if the Router was received at the wrong address on 16. June, why was it not returned to me?  Why was there no acknowledgement that it was received at all?  Then today, I see my account was charged 7,15 euro by Vodafone.  I tried to see what this was for, but when I look at my account, it says "Account Terminated, you may no longer use this function".  You can charge me, but I cannot see what I am being charged for?


Does Vodafone purposely do this, to confuse their loyal customers?  Well I am no longer a loyal customer.  I will never use Vodafone again!  



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Hey KennyMe,


sorry for being confused and upset. It's a shame that we're losing you as a customer because of this. Smiley (traurig)


Basically, it is about which company you signed the contracts with.


Vodafone Deutschland GmbH (Cable and IPTV like GigaTV Net / APP)

Vodafone GmbH (DSL and Mobile)


Currently there are still various parcel centers and addresses for customer care.


Everything that has to do with DSL hardware, i.e. with Vodafone GmbH, goes to Marienfeld. With the confirmation of cancellation you will receive the information that you should send the devices back. Another reminder will appear 14 days after the termination.


Everything that has to do with cable hardware, i.e. Vodafone Deutschland GmbH, goes to Nuremberg.


I understand this is confusing at first. Usually the hardware is passed on from one parcel center to another. However, this can take longer under certain circumstances. If the device cannot be assigned, we will send it back.


I would be happy to look at it for you and do some research. Please send me a private message with this information:


* Customer number (DSL & cable)


* Address

* Date of Birth


As soon as I know more, I'll get in touch.

Best regards


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Hello Norman,

Unfortunately I see no way to PM you here.


I did get an email yesterday, saying they had received my return, and were processing it.   So perhaps all is well.


Thank you,


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