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Fritz!box 6591 stuck in bootloop




I have just come back from work and I saw that the internet is not working. I have tried to access the router but there is no Wi-Fi or lan connection to access the site. Tried disconnecting the device, removing lan cables, landline device etc but nothing works. The device is trying to boot, power LED blinks, then all of them blink once, then the power one is blinking every now and then but it does nothing else. I have no access to it and it is stuck in that bootloop. Please let me know what to do, there is no hard reset button like other routers. I cannot work or have my German courses because of that. Thanks a lot in advance

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Hi Odenefoth,

I see we are already in contact on Twitter. Please limit yourself to one contact channel. Multiple edits will only lead to delays.

Greetings Moni

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