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FRITZ!Box 6591 Horrible upload speed (500 DOWN/50 UP Option -> 500 DOWN/4 UP actual)


Dear Vodafone support,


Apologies for writing this in English, I'm not sure how well the auto-translation tools would perform here.


Since two weeks ago, I have noticed that I am getting really bad upload speed on all devices in my household, no matter if they are LAN or WLAN. The worst part is, if one device fills the upload bandwidth, I can't work at all on the other devices!


I have the 500 Mbit download and 50 Mbit upload option, but I'm actually getting ~500Mbit download and 2-5 Mbit upload maximum.


I use FRITZ!Box 6591 and I have already tried to do factory reset.




Here is the Vodafone speed test result (ID: xwrt4cffhv2r):


And from two other sources:




As you can see, the speed doesn't really match what I'm paying for. And this has been going on for two weeks already. Could you please look into my situation?





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I got my hands on a CH7466CE router as well and performed the same tests. The results are the same when it comes to the upload speed:


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Hello nenad_dev,


do you have a contract with (former) Unitymedia or Vodafone Kabel Deutschland? If the latter, please send me a private message with the date of birth of the contract owner, the full address and the customer number. Leave a short reply here after you sent the PM.


Kind regards,


Alles Easy How To Hilfe !
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Hey Claudia, I sent you a private message with my information.

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Hello nanad_dev,


sorry for the late feedback. I see that you have created an order via the hotline.

The order is currently being processed.


As soon as the review is completed, you will be informed by the colleagues about the further processing.


Best regards, Martin

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