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It seems like I am not able to change the DNS server on your Arris modem, so I have to get my own.

The `use your own equipment` article on your website says that nay DOCSIS3.0 modem can be used. Does this mean that any US modem will work? For example NETGEAR CM600?

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US DOCSIS3.0-Modems (like the mentioned Netgear CM600) DO NOT work on the Vodafone cable network as they do not support the required EuroDOCSIS3.0 protocol.


The only retail devices that work within the Vodafone cable network in Germany are:

- FritzBox 6430

- FritzBox 6490 (only article number 2000 2778 -- any other article numbers, esp. 2000 2691, are rental devices that cannot be activated)

- FritzBox 6590

- FritzBox 6591 (only article number 2000 2857 -- any other article numbers, esp. 2000 2858, are rental devices that cannot be activated)


By the way:  You could also use a router behind the Arris cable router and set the arris cable router into Bridge mode. It then works like a cable modem and provides one single device connected via LAN cables with internet (that would be your own router).

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thanks @reneromann, that sums it all up well Smiley (fröhlich)





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