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Deregistration of Vodafone internet service due to moving abroad



I have sent an email to Vodafone service with my customer number on 27th July 2020 to deregister my contract as I have moved abroad from Germany on 10th March.


I have also submitted my deregistration (Abmeldung) copy along with. 


I haven't received any reply on it and still I am paying the monthly charges.


Please do the needful and cancel my vodafone contract.


Let me know if you need any documents.


Thanks in advance.






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Hey Kiran,


thank you for using the community forum.

In order to check for details, please send us a DM  including your customer & contract data.


Please note that moving abroad is not a valid reason for cancelling your contract prematurely.


Furthermore, there is a 3 month term of notice. If not cancelled within said term, your contract will continue for another year.

Please refer to your original contract papers for the details.  


Kind regards


#Stayhome & #BleibGesund
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Hi Kiran,


we did not receive your move notification until 27.07.2020. This date is used to calculate the 3 month period. The contract is terminated on 25.10.2020.


Best regards


#Stayhome und bleibt gesund
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