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Constant conection loses and device can't connect anymore to main network


I have been client of Vodafone for almost a year now. Unfortunately the experience has been far from ideal.

The main issue is that wifi connection is lost almost every day, sometimes multiple times per day. This is quite irritating given that we all mostly work from home these days.

Beside this issue, now I have a device (Smart TV) which can't connect anymore to the main network. It was working perfectly fine up for 6 months until 3 days ago when there was an electricity outage. Since then the restart became even more frequest and as I mentioned Smart TV can't connect to the main network anymore. It can connect to a different wirfi, can connect to Guest Wifi, but not the main one.  I have tryied resetting both TV and router to the factory settings, various options with wifi but without any luck.

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try a complete factory reset using a paperclip:

press and hold reset for at least 20 seconds 

then wait for another 5 minutes

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