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A chance of device exchange?

Dear all, 


Currently I use a WLAN router "tg3442de" and I think it *piep* because the internet connection isn't stable.

It drops off and on very oftenly and there is no solution from Vodafone, the answers that there is no error on their side and asks me to check home-network. Of course there is no home-network of my own device tg3442de is only the device which can be called a home-network. I ask them to make an exchange of the device many times but the answers are the same all the time "No error found on the Vodafone side."


so... I think this is the right time to make a termination, I know.. but lastly I am looking for a chance to exchange it for a Fritz box... 


Anybody knows how to change the device to "FRITZ! Box 6591 or FRITZ! Box 6660"??


Thank you in advance,


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@Aaron219381293  schrieb:

.Anybody knows how to change the device to "FRITZ! Box 6591 or FRITZ! Box 6660"??

extend your contract with the "Homebox" option

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Hi @Aaron219381293,


as RobertP mentioned, just use the homebox option inside the customerservicecenter Smiley (zwinkernd)





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