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HTC One (M7) no oem unlock option

I bought an m7 via vodafone contract long ago. now i already have two replacement phones, but i decided to use the m7 for my kid which i made a new kids contract for.


Android 5.0.2 is not an option and you vodafone don't offer updates anymore. Not to mention the device is long out of warranty. I can get a bootloader unlock from HTC, but without the oem unlock developer option, i can't do anything with it.


How can I get oem unlock or s-off so i can load LineageOS on the phone. It is perfectly good h/w only being limited because vodafone want to sell new devices.





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Hello @GwaiTsi ,

I understand your point and I wouldn´t run a 5.0.2 version either.

LineageOS works fine for extending the usability of mobile phones in general. So this makes absolutely sense.

Unfortunately, I didn´t try it yet, though there has always been a strong need to refresh my Samsung S6 and S7.

I must dissapoint you. We are not trained on this specific subject. Thus, we are unable to offer you support in this matter as well. Good luck !

With kind regards,


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