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Desperate to get help with my GigaTV

Hi there, I've had my GigaTV for c. 3 months now. It's never worked, though. I've emailed Vodafone several times -- no reply. I've spoken to the hotline service and all I get is robotic replies as if they were reciting a pre-made script (guess this is what they do). I've asked for a technician to come over and inspect the issue on the premises but the only reply I get is: no, can't do... I'm seriously on the verge of cancelling the contract. 


Any advice much appreciated. 


FYI: as my German is a bit rusty, I'm happy to enunciate the issue once again to an English speaking customer (on the hotline, just a second ago, I was informed that no English speaking service is available -- joke, right?). 

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Hello Łukasz,


sorry that you didn't get help yet :/. You are saying the GigaTV box didn't work once in the three months you have it? Did you complete the installation? Did you add your GigaTV contract to your MeinVodafone customer portal? Please send the details from the thread Wie poste ich eine Störung - GigaTV. An online translator such as DeepL should help with the questions Smiley (fröhlich).


Kind regards,


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