I am sorry but I am new here and do not know very much German.
We have a gigacube, we have used our high speed LTE data for the month and want to add more for the month. We were sent an email in German to do this but I can’t get it to work. How can we add data to our gigacube for the month? I’ve tried calling 08001721212 and saying operator in hopes of getting a person that may speak English the system just hangs up on me
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do i get it right that you want to book more data so an additonal Data Package?

Do as follow:


Go to:

There you can see your DataUsage and have the Option to book more Data.

Or 2nd Option:

Go to MyVodafone log in there klick on your Number there you will see your current DataUsage

Klick on the Plus Icon, then under QuickCheck you will see your current DataUsage again then klick on book additonal Data and choose your Package.

For Example 25GB for 25€


Or do you want to change your contract to a higher one, if you are using very high amount of Data i would recomnize you booking the Gigacube Max Plan which includes 200GB a Month for 44,99€ or if you are Customer with a qualifing Red Contract just 10€ less so 34,99€ then.





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i have a question, for example if you consume all your data like the 200gb, will it restart for the next month? thanks for the reply

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