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GigaCube change tariff

How can I change my GigaCube tariff? I purchased it last winter while my Vodafone cable was out for several days and now I pay 40 EUR/month just for keeping it. I mean I do use it once in a month or two when cable internet is down, but I'd like to pay for it only when I use it for example or at least get a cheaper plan. But I can't find the contract for it in my online client space, I see only cable one there. Could someone help me please here? Thanks!

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Hi SimonSI,


if you decide for a contract, you accept the conditions for at least 24 months. So a downgrade is regularly possible after the contract with this price plan ran for 2 years.


Let's see what's possbile for you. Please send me a private message with your phone or customer number and the customer password (alternatively name, address and birth date).




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