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Double contract with Gigacube

Hi Everyone,



I am sorry that I am writing in English. I am new in Germany.

Me and my girlfriend. we have internet and TV with Vodafone and we pay through SEPA. ( no issues with that ).

 Our internet was slow for few days so we wanted to try Gigacube ( 30 days free trail ). we were not satisfied and we returned it.( contract cancelled ).

Now the problem is we are receiving seprate letter( Mahnung)  with separate contact and separate invoice. They are telling us to pay . they already took money once.

Please if anyone from this community can help us solve this problem, It will be very helpful. We tried reaching customer care , some doesnt speak English. Some are cutting our calls after listening our problem. 

We are already having issues between us because of this invoices. 


Thank you.

Jona Mandi


EDIT: screenshot deleted

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How did you return the GigaCube?


And was it a cancellation (Kündigung)? Because a cancellation will be effective to the end of the minimum term of 24 months. You would have needed it to return it to where you got it from within 30 days from signing the contract -AND- you would have needed to relate to this 30 day period (and not as a "normal" cancellation).


Please note that you still have to pay any fees for the time that you have had the GigaCube - so it's not a "free" trial without payment, but you need to pay for the usage...

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Thank you so much replying.

Yes we did returned the Gigacube within the time frame of 30 days.

Long story short: Just like in the last message ,I said our internet was slow and we were looking for other options.

then we came across a promotional offers about Gigacube in Vodafone store. 30 days free trail. no questions asked.

After few days (within 30 days )  we were not happy with the Gigacube and we returned it. They gave us the letter, That I have returned  the Gigacube . one  letter heading says '' Kundigungsthemen - Storno mit Hardware ( Sub-tarife).

Other letter heading says ''Kundigungsthemen- Stono ohne Harware ( Sim-Only oder Vodafone Hardware ).

I believe Vodafone Comapany can see whether I am using the Gigacube or not.


Thank you ,

Jona Mandi



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Hi Jona,


we are already talking on Twitter.


So please let us stay at this "help-station". Smiley (zwinkernd)


Best regards


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