cancel my service in my old address

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Next month I will move to another flat. Due to technical issue (landline problem), I want to cancel my original service in my old address. Then I will get a new service to my new address in the Vodafone shop. This is suggested by the technican in the Vodafone shop in Munich.

Did anyone know how to cancel it?


Thank you in advance.


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Edit:  As much as I would love to move the thread to the correct board (which "Gewinnspiele" is definitely not), I would need some precise information if we're talking DSL or cable in a first instance, @HongweiLi.

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@HongweiLi@  schrieb:

Did anyone know how to cancel it?

What you should do is the following:  Inform Vodafone of your moving to a new address as soon as possible.  Vodafone will then check if they can provide their service as contractually agreed on at your new address.


If they can:  Your existing contract will be moving to your new address.

If they can't:  Your existing contract will be terminated in accordance with German Telecommunications Laws and Regulations.


However, if I were you, I would not sign a new contrct until you have clarification if Vodafone can move your existing contract or not.  Because if you do this ahead of time, you might end up with a double contract and a whole lot of hassle to go through.



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