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Another PORT-FORWARD question related to Sagem FAST5460

Hello community!
I found some topics about port forward with Sagem FAST5460 and did get the point that is not an easy job. 
Sill, I`m convinced someone can bring some idea upon my issue. 
My wish is to open port 21 and 22 for a Zyxel NAS so cell phone can be connected for  transferring some data forward and backward to that nas via cellular network. Both external IPs doesn`t matter that are not static because the Zyxel Cloud will be the link in between. 
After I`ve made all settings ,  via the zyxel web portal I can see the device there ,  the state of it heat level,  drive usage but can`t open port 21 and 22.   
That very same NAS device have option to automatically use UPnP option if that is build within the router itself and request port forward for port 21 and 22, which is nice but somehow that SAGEM router side doesn`t allow it.
When activate the UPnP mode inside  Sagem FAST5460, other ports seems to be opened automatically (as some XBOX ) and I can see it,  but not 21 or 22. 
Zyxel  NAS in question have static LAN-IP let`s say: . Then if I try manually to open 21 and 22 over TCP between WAN IP and that IP it show it active until I agree and activate the setting, but if I change to some other settings and come back it just disappears as I never set it at first place... Let`s say with other Zyxel or HUAWEI  4G router that logic work just fine:  any external ip request on port 21/22 is forwarded to . Here that setting just doesn`t wish to comply. 

That been said, here are the questions what come to my mind:
- is that sort of router software limit that doesn`t support port forward on  21/22?  Seen video for same router but other operator and there it work.. 
- if I wish to switch that sagem to bridge mode, is it done the same way described here:  
or seen here
- is there any chance that I can swap that SAGEMFAST with CISCO DOCSS 3.0  modem and give the Cable MAC to the Vodaphone operator so it can be written in the access list and get it work?  Or it is strictly only with vodafone units and can not be done?

Thank you for your patience and answering my questions!
Cheers 🍻

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in which federal state of germany do you live?

The modem in question is in Hamburg, .. but does it matter somehow?

then use bridge mode and your own router behind

portforwarding will then be configured on your router