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Return address of Fritz! Box 7530 (English)

Hi Vodafone Community,

I cancelled my DSL-contract.

Give me the exact address where I can send back my router, what is a Fritz! Box 7530. I lost the return slip what was originally in the box.

Is it appropriate the sending as a DHL Paket to the Vodafone or need I another way to do?

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Hey @benutzer777,


it's a shame you quit. Maybe you will come back to us later? Would be nice. Smiley (fröhlich)

With the confirmation of cancellation we will give you all the information about the return. Normally our customers get it via email. Did you received the email? If not, check your spam folder please.

You can find the information on page 4. You have to print out the page and put it in the package. This is how our logistics center knows and assigns the router to the correct customer account.

Let me know if you found the email or not. Smiley (fröhlich)

Best regards


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