Seeking English speaking sales representative.

Seeking English speaking vodafone sales representative that can answer my questions regarding options for internet subscription.


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Silly to answer my own question but after over a week of trying I have found english speaking customer service agent!

I will gladly tell you how!

Going on german vodafone online store and clicking "to check availability" for your dsl connection, after endering your address, you are redirected to page that shows you all the possible subscribtion options.

Once you are on this page, look to the right: there will be some options (depending on time I assume) available for you. 

One of those options is ONLINE CHAT! The chat you wont find on google, you wont find it on contact page, you wont- i belive- find it anywere but there.

I managed to get use it to contact sales representative that helped with most of the questions I had in a past week.

I kindly request moderator to pin/move this small tutorial to appropriate place- I am not able to do it myself, because of my lackluster german skills.

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