Internet contract problem

I signed a DSL cable contract last week and your branch told me it should arrive by last week, that is why I agreed to sign to Vodafone as I am a student and need an internet connection urgently.

Last week went by and I went again today and now they tell me it might be from 2 to 3 weeks which is not what they said in the first time or when I asked them specifically how long it will take.

I have dealt with Vodafone in the UK and in Egypt and have been a long costumer in both these countries, but it is the first time I am this mad at your service, they should have stated that from last week, at least I would have known and decided, but now it is just a matter of fact and they told me it will be sent via mail and today they say a technician will contact me.

This is not a very professional way to deal with costumers especially when they are foreigners as myself.


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