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Vertrag kündigung aber SEPA Zahlungen Vodafone


I managed to install a SEPA payment with Vodafone from my french bank account for one year now, and it's been debiting 29,99€ every month since then. However, Vodafone just cancelled my internet connection and contrat because it didn't receive the payments for too long. 
Do you know how it's possible ?

Attached is an example of one of the SEPA payment I have every month.

Do you know if it's a legit Vodafone SEPA payment ?

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This is either for a DSL connection -or- for a mobile contract.

Not that the payment was only for your mobile contract but not for your landline internet...


And if you would have a landline connection using the TV antenna outlet, then this debit would definitely not fit. It should bei either from "Vodafone Deutschland" or from "Vodafone West" instead of just "Vodafone GmbH"...

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