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Betreff: Termination of New DSL Contract within 14 days


I moved to a new apartment and bought a vodafone contract some days ago over check24. It still hasn't been 14 days and already I am not happy with the vodafone procedures and waiting time etc. My router was returned as it was damaged and maybe now I receive a new one sometime but as I am still in the 14 days period I wish to submit termination as I do not speak German and getting to the customer support is a hastle and literally nothing works amd if it does they dont wanna support as I do not speak German.

Can you please tell me the procedure to cancel contract. Where should I send the email or the letter to terminate my contract! And also what is the address to return the router.

Please have in mind that I did not receive a customer number so I cant login into the meinvodafone portal and time is of essence here as I need to do it asap.

Thank you.

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Just two things:

a) The withdrawal period starts with the reception of the withdrawal information and NOT with the day the line is activated. As there is usually some days delay, it might be too late to withdraw.

b) If you are still within the withdrawal period, just follow the steps mentioned on the withdrawal information sheet. In case you don't have sufficient German knowledge, you may either ask somebody helping you or you will need a translator on your own expenses.

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