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Premature cancellation DSL


so i am moving in with my partner and he already has a vodafone contract. I wrote to Vodafone via Kontakt formular, and thhey replied i must submit a written cancellation request. But there's no indication of where to send this cancellation letter. Can anyone help me with this? 

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Also my actual cancellation cant be done before 3rd January 2024. I also want to ask if this premature cancellation is possible in my case when I am moving where there is already a Vodafone connection. 

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Good morning Chemistry,


good that you ask.


You can submit your written cancellation here:


Vodafone GmbH


Postfach 10 10 64

40839 Ratingen


Fax: 0 18 10 - 7 00 11


Please inform us about your new address and the date of relocation.


In principle, you have concluded a contract with a 24-month term. Unfortunately, there is no entitlement to early termination of the contract.


A special termination is only possible if we cannot provide the currently contracted service at the new address. Otherwise we will charge a compensation payment.


Kind regards,


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