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Ordered router was missing on its way

I ordered a DSL service with a rental router from Vodafone at the beginning of SEP, but I still do not receive this router until 6th Oce, so I can not use my WIFI at home. I can not reach any Vodafone service staff, there is always a stupid robot hothine,  NO response emails from Vodafone. what should I do? can I cancel this contract if I have not actived my internet?

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Hey ,

i'm sorry to hear that you can't use your landline yet.
The router will be sent roughly a week before the activation date.

Did you already recieve the welcomeletter, with your activation date & login credentials?

Once we ship the router, you'll get a notification via mail/sms with the trackingnumber.

There is NO direct mailadress from vodafone, so thats the most likely reason why you did not get an answer.

Feel free to contact the customersupport, for example via twitter . I'm sure that this can be solved easy.


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