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No DSL-Kundennummer or Online-Registrierungscode



Apologies for the English, I'm trying to enter my Vodafone DSL contract into my account for days now but I do not have a DSL customer number or online registration code to do that.


I have checked every single document I have ever received from Vodafone (I keep them all in a file and never threw anything away) and checked online for where exactly this number should be. I can confidently say after days of searching that I have no document from Vodafone with a "26-digit online registration code in the format A1B1C - ABC12 - CA12D - D12AB - A2CB12", OR "DSL customer number that has 12 digits and always starts with “00”". I only have a customer number with 9 digits. (I copied both information from the Vodafone page itself)

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the online registration code should be on your "Willkommensbrief" (welcome letter) from vodafone, where the username/passwords for your dsl connection are also written down. However, you are able to get a new one by calling the customer service.

The customer number usually starts with 0019. If you're able to legitimate yourself with your zip-code, birthdate and the last four digits of your bank account number, customer service will also help you with that.



Best of luck


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Hi, thank you I also saw that it is in Willkommensbrief but I have no such document. I cannot call the customer service because I cannot speak German and I tried before they do not give service in English, isn't there another way?





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Hi devrimbcetin,


I think you have a cable contract and no DSL. With cable, you have a 9-digit customer number. You should find the activation code in the order confirmation of the cable contract. You can find the appropriate registration for cable here.


Best regards


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