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My new DSL order doesn't contain an EasyBox 805

i've placed my order (Red Internet & Phone 250 DSL) via verivox as they were offering some extra discounts on the DSL package, and while placing the order, I've selected the EasyBox 805 (costs €2.99 / month), but when I recieved my contract letter from vodafone via email, it says that I've selected my own customer hardware. This seems a bit confusing for me, I'd like to get the confusion cleared ASAP, My service installation is selected for 17th of October. I'd like to get the device added to the contract, can't go with own hardware as I don't have one with me. I tried calling the hotlines, but everything is in German, searched for an email address of the service point which also resulted in vain. So if anyone knows about the english supported lines (if any).Screenshot 2022-09-28 at 10.50.27.png

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Hey vaisakhpc,
I'm sorry that there was some kind of miscommunication between verifox & us.
This community is focused on customers helping customers , no user has access to your customeraccount.

Please get in touch with our support - for example via whatsapp, or twitter.
My colleagues there speak english & are happy to help.


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