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DSL contract cancellation


I will be moving to a house already having an internet connection. My DSL contract will end in 15 Nov 2024. Will it be possible to cancel my contract prematurely? 

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 Hello Rik24,

In principle, an existing connection is not initially a reason for premature termination of the contract.


There is a special right of termination if we are unable to offer you your current rate (e.g. DSL at 50Mbit/s) at your new place of residence.


Is the existing connection also DSL?


In this case, you could try (if your current bandwidth is basically possible at the new place of residence) to simply report a move.


It is almost never possible to have 2 DSL connections in parallel per apartment.

If the move is then canceled due to no free lines, the contract will then end. Without a penalty payment.



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