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Change DSL connection from current address to new address

Hello Team,

I am moving to a new home so i need to change my DSL connection from current address to new address. I have tried to change it via online/app but i get an option to select a new term which is ok for me but when i get the vertgragzussamenfassung it shows for new price for my DSL which is 42,98 but whereas i pay 32.97, because of this i did not accept the email. I called to support via phone and the supporter helped me schedule the address change with the same price but i never received a confirmation email. I got another call today, and the supporter asked me to accept the email and he sent me. a new email which consists a new summary for mobile contract and DSL contract which is confusing. I have cancelled my mobile contract and after 88 days it should be done. I am not sure what should i accept now.


Can someone please help me in shifting my DSL address asap ?


Current Address : ***

New Address : ***




EDIT: personal data deleted

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Hey ssahoo,

I'm sorry that you seem to have gotten multiple offers / open orders.
Since this community is under the main focus of customers-helping-customers , no one has access to your customeraccount.

Please get in touch with our support , for example via facebook or twitter.


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