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Cancel contract immediately

Hello Good Morning,


My name is Jairo Velasquez, my clinet number is: ***

I need help on fully canceling the contract form now and returning the router. The technician who arrived home last month couldn't install the internet because I don't have a phone jack in the apartment. Right now I will use a different provider of internet which is mobile and I don’t want to be charged for something I don’t have installed. Please help me with what to do to fully return everything and not be charged for something I cannot use and it is not installed.

Thanks in advance.


@Jav82 Edit: Customer number removed

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There is no immediate cancellation possible - you will need to figure out with the technician and your landlord if there is the ability to install a phone outlet or not.

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There is no possibility to install a telephone jack and I need to cancel it, What other solution can you give me? I do not want to pay for something I won't use...

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Hi Jav82,


we can't help you with a cancellation at this place. Please write us a private message on Twitter or Facebook (unencrypted).




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