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I don't know my customer number and customer password for prepaid sim and i can't recharge(aufladen) nor i change the tariff. I bought this sim 2 days ago and now completely useless to me. Please respond as soon as possible. Let me know if you need an additional info. 

I found out on internet that after filling somekind of an additional form, an admin can send the password. Attached you can find the form with this thread.

Please reply as soon as possible 


Umar Faheem


*** @UmarFaheem12, attachment removed because of private data ***

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Hi @UmarFaheem12,


I assume your SIM card is already active? 


I removed your attachment because nobody should know your private data and especially your customer password. With that password (not to mistake with the internet password!) you can legitime yourself as the owner of the contract/SIM card and be able to make changes by phone with a Vodafone agent. 


Where you got your SIM card? From a Vodafone store or another store (kiosk, grocery etc.)?


You can upload your PDF to online contact form (Kontaktformular).

It's only in German. 


The contact form want to know a customer password to send out the form finally. There you can fill out with an fictional password. 

After sending you'll get dialog-ID. 

It will be take time about 2-3 days. You get an SMS after finishing. 


If you need any assistance with the online contact form don't hesitate to ask us. 

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send me the affected number by PM (left click on my name and then right on "sende eine private Nachricht "), then I can check your concerns.

Best regards



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