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I left my SIMcard in another country and ordered a replacement sim card on my vodafone account. However, I have not received any confirmation number to track it online. I do not have sim card to call the customer service. The problem is that I changed my mail address at the same time with ordering a new simcard. But it was changed the day after that. I don't know whether my new SIM has been shipped to the new address or old one.  Is there any way  (except calling which I can't ) that I can send you my customer number to get a current status of my order? 

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@ShMah  schrieb:

(...) The problem is that I changed my mail address at the same time with ordering a new simcard. (...) 

Then the SIM-card will be shipped to the old one. 

The problem is that there are two existing databases and you are not able to change the important one. 


You have to call the customer service +49 172 229 0 229 (push number 4 for English speaking agent) and ask to change your mail address. Then you can order at the same time your new SIM-card. The customer service is also reachable by landline phone. 

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Thank you for your reply.

I checked the address and you are right. my address in "Addresses" has changed but if I order a new SIMcard the offered shipping address is still the old one which is not possilble to change it.. How can I change my address? 

2. I called the number a couple of times yesterday and unfortunately the number 4 doesn't exist (always got error of false entered number ) and no one over the German speaking section directed me to an English speaking person. 

I also asked my former landlord and he told me the post doesn't deliver packages if the name doesn’t fit to the person living there. Thus, it is unlikely to be there

I don't know how to track my SIMcard. 

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Hi @ShMah,

then you shall wait of a moderator please. They can help you and have access changing the address. Be patient because they aren't 24/7 in the forum.
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Hello @ShMah,


I'll be happy to look into your customer Account.


Please send me a PM with your mobile phone Number and your new address, it is also important which Name is on the Mailbox.



Best Regards



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