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Entscheidung, ich muss auf Englisch schreiben, weil mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut. 

I bought 9.99 CallYa prepaid card in the store today. But it costs 35 Euro. I don't understand why they take extra cash from me. At first, I thought I have to save some money in the plan before start using it. But I checked the app and it did not show the money. Could anyone tell me why? Thank you.


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Hi @gina76tw,


When you paid 25€ additional then this money should shown you as a balance in MeinVodafone app. 


Did you go back to the shop and ask for your money (balance)? 

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Hello @gina76tw,


as @Mave1976 wrote, the money should be credited to the SIM card. Or did the Vodafone shop give you these cash codes to recharge and you still have to recharge them yourself?




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