I lost my sim car last week. And I cannot reach the customer service and I don't receive any help from the vodafone shop. 

How can I get this sim card. 

They tell me get a customer password and I have no idea what this is. I am just trying to send the customer password form to someone. But there is no email address or online formular. 

Please somebody help me. 


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@nevinfg you have the coice Smiley (zwinkernd) you can fill this Password Change and go with yout ID-Card or Passport to the Shop, or you go to selfservice help here please choose there "Kennwort" "Passwort vergessen" "Kundenkennwort" choose your part Prepaid or Credit, now you have the choice WhatsApp or E-Mail. There you can order a sim-swap too. Good Luck

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Hi @nevinfg,

There is a contact form to send your document to VF.
Use that link.

It only takes 2-3 days to change the customer password.
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Hello @nevinfg,


please send me the phone number by PM (left click on my name and then right on "Send this user a private message").


Please also tell me your first and last name, your address and your date of birth?


I'll see what we can do.


Many thanks and many greetings


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