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Callya call fails in two months

I have been trying to contact the callya customer service number provided by Vodafone and it doesn't work. My phone number has 200 minutes each month and in the last two months, when I call within EU contries, most times,  it ended immediatly with a voice reminder in German which I can't understand. Sometimes, if I call a second time or third time, it may get through but most times failed.  I am sure that I have enough minutes left. Since I have been using my callya number for more than 4 years. 


This issue is very strange. I don't know what happened to my phone number. 



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Hi @kekejia,


nice of you to write to us here. We'll take a closer look at it. Please send me your phone number by PN. We will then get back to you via PN 




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