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Callya Digital SIM card never arrived. Help lines do not work.



I'm having a problem as when i was ordering the Sim card online i was never able to put the C/O name for my shipping address, as my name is not on my mail box. It has been over a week and my Sim card has not yet arrrived therefore i think the post office has not been able to deliver it.


Unfortunately now i have no phone to call the help line. I went into a vodafone store for some help but they said it was not their business. They gave me the number 01722290229 wich i have tried calling from several friends phones but it does not work. I received an email with a tracking code for the deutsch post which also does not work. 


The Vodafone online help portal also does not connect. It seems to me that none of the services work correctly and now i am stuck with no phone and no way of contacting vodafone to change my address and receive a new sim card.


What the hell am i to do.



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Hello @dconant,


You have been informed by e-mail of your new CallYa phone number.


Please send me this and all information about your delivery address via PN.

(PN - this is how it works: click on my name and then right on "sende eine private Nachricht ")



Best regards


#Stayhome und bleibt gesund
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