CallYa Sim Not Delivered

I ordered a CallYa Sim on 27/9/19 and it has not yet arrived. While waiting for this my old plan had expired so I had to go and get a sim from your store instead. The staff member said I would have to order the CallYa again, I do not wish to pay 20 Euro again. I have now paid 45 Euro but do not have the CallYa 10GB plan that I want.


I would greatly appreciate your assistance.


Kind regards,

SamScreen Shot 2019-10-14 at 10.02.46 AM.png

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Hi @sb19,


Did you order the Sim Card Online?

Have you received a confirmation by E-Mail or have you already received your mobile Phone Number?


Please send a PM with your E-Mail address where you ordered the Sim Card.


Best Regards



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