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CallYA activation issue


I just bought my CallYA SIM at a supermarket and went to this link  to make the online activation process.

I identified myself in the form as 'Matheus Rodrigues', but during the video call, the online agent said that I must register again using my full name (Matheus Lopes Rodrigues), as written in my ID card.

However, it is impossible to register online again using the same number and S / N!


How can I access my callYA profile to change my surname? MeinVodafone profile is different than the CallYA one.

Could a moderator edit my surname in the CallYA profile?


Or better ... how can I re-start the online activation process to talk to an online agent again?

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So, I was capable of calling the online verification agent once again and they are not allowed to change my surname. What I must do is to call Vodafone and ask them to delete my previous registration to start over a new one.

Could a moderator do this for me?

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Hi @matheuslr,


we would like to take a closer look at that. Please send me the relevant phone number with a link from this thread 




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