unstable Wi-Fi

Hello everyone, 


I have a Kabel 100 at home, but the router seems having lots of problems, here's some points:


1. The signal is super unstable, every 5-10 minutes, it comes about 1 mintute crushed down.

2. There's no SSID for 5g bandwidth. Guess that's also the reason we can't find connect the 5g Wi-Fi.

3. When the laptop is connected directly with the cable line, the internet is stable and fast as hell, which can reach 90-100M without problem, but with Wi-Fi there's only 10M or even less. 


Device: Sagemcom FAST5460


We've tried everything, going to to check the setup, or reset 100 times, but it still remians the same. The problem already lasts for many months. I've tried to reach the customer service, but my German is too bad and they can't speak English, so I'm posting here to ask for any possible help. The attachment is some crazy ping when the internet goes bad. Again, it happens EVERY 5-10 minutes.


Thank you for all the possible help in advance! 

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buy a Fritzbox instead of your Cabel-Router Smiley (zwinkernd) And you will be happy Smiley (fröhlich)

Wir können die Welt nicht völlig verändern... Aber wir versuchen sie täglich zu verbessern... -> Ein Dankeschön hat noch niemandem geschadet... Smiley (fröhlich)
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The SAgecom FAST5460 supports 5Ghz Wlan up to 1300Mbit.

I think you have to enable 5Ghz in the webinterface and set it up with your own SSID.

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Hi yiwei,


you don't have problems via LAN? Which devices do you have in use and which operating systems are running on them?


Kind regards


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