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Odd WIFI issues on my mac/iphone (it works MOST of the time)

Hi home networking community. I come to you beaten by exhausting a variety of methods to fix my wifi connection issues. I’m not sure what to do except try and completely format and reinstall my Mac.
All the problems started when I tried to change my router settings to have separate SSIDs. Afterwards I started getting blocked by duckduckgo and then I’d have random drops in connection to the router (router worked fine for other devices or when I’d do a quick disconnect / reconnect to the router).

MacBook Pro (15-inch, 201 OS 10.15.6

I’ve been troubleshooting to see if it’s the router or Mac / iPhone. It seems to be the devices (MacBook or iPhone) itself. Both will work separately and if one drops the other one can work fine. The disconnect happens after about 4-6 hours of time. My guess is there’s something stored on the connection to the router that isn’t working. Or it’s a software bug.

1. Turning wifi on / off

2. Restarting Mac

3. Resetting wifi to factory settings

4. Renewing DHCP lease

5. Checking DNS ips for rogue addresses that shouldn’t be there

6. Flushing dns cache from terminal (this fixed me getting blocked by DDG)

7. Removing the wifi and re / adding it from settings

8. Wiping wifi settings from,,, NetworkInterfaces.plist, preferences.plist

9. Resetting the NVRAM

What do you think? Are there other things I can try?

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Hey ashtronaut,

wlan hickups are most likely due to some configuration issues.
Sadly i really don't anything about mac os :/

If the problem occured since you've decided to split the 2.4 & 5ghz ssid - did you try to redo this step & use a singe ssid?


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Hey Andre thanks for responding. Yes. You can see in the previous message I mentioned that I rebooted the router to factory settings which by default removes the SSID split. 

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