Kabel Deutschland Internet Connection keeps disconnecting


I have an issue where my Kabel Deutschland internet connection keeps disconnecting. 
This leads to restating the WiFi modem atleast 10 times a day, as that is the only temporary solution available. However, the Internet connection disappears again after 10-15 minutes. We only use our 2 smartphones + tablet + Smart TV on the network for web surfing, which should be able to take this much internet usage easily.


The TV connection works fine though through all this.


I've tried explaining this to the Kabel Deutschalnd technical support on the phone, but due to my limited german speaking skills and the complete lack of English speaking skills (or maybe unwillingness perhaps??), this issue is not being resolved.


Is there any other wy to reach out to Technical support at Kabel Deutschland so that they can send a technician to come and have a look at our wired cable connection coming into the apartment?


Thanks for any pointers to solve this.





PS - I hope my Internet is still up when I recieve any responses. Smiley (fröhlich)


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Hello AnkurSuri,


can you please send me your customer number and address by private message? I will gladly look at your connection and, if necessary, commission the technician if this is necessary.


Greeting Fred

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