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Re: Internetproblem seit 7 Sept - 68239
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Sorry for writting in English, but my German is not so far on a good level.
The result after 2 week is:
Service worker visited my home, and pretended to fix some high levels of signal (over 47 db). When he was onsite the conneciton was ok for 10 min - could be even a coincidence.
Afterwards everything got to the same as for the last 2 weeks. All the times with no connection, respectively the streaming have to be restarted every min or 2. Even effective operation as "git pull" got stuck.
It is 2 weeks now, and I see many people complaining in the forum with the same problem. It is obvious that it is not up to my personal installation, which I use for already 5 years, but with the configuration that was introduced in Unitymedia routing around 12th of September.
I think that the best decision will be to switch to some provider that really knows how to handle the network.
Sorry to say this, but Unitymedia totally sucks for me the last 2 week, and I cannot afford to stay without stable internet connection, as it hurts my work.
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After this post, my connection got entirely dropped. Have to post this through my phone.
Unitymedia, I will see you in the court room, with a good explanation on this.
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Hi @PatrickUM,

Are you posting something different from "concat the support"?
Yes - I have contacted support and the result is the same.
I am starting to wonder if your account is a bot, or you are really copy/pasting those messages manually.
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