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Defective Sagemcom FAST5460 WLAN-Kabelrouter



I have just received my Sagemcom FAST5460 WLAN-Kabelrouter, but unfortunately, I have some problems with it.


Product: Red Internet & Telefon 400 Kabel
Router: Sagemcom FAST5460 WLAN-Kabelrouter
Firmware: Firmware Version


I can not enable the 2.4GHz WiFi network, the shown BSSID of the 2.4GHz is "Not Available". Everytime that I try to enable it, the router disables the 2.4GHz system as soon as I click on the "Apply" button.


The 5GHz WiFi network range is minimal. If I get far from the router (more than 1m), I lost the internet connection.


Moreover, my internet speed is too low, even when the computer is accessing the internet through the ethernet cable, my internet speed is around 1 to 10Mbps.


I have already tried to reboot, and factory reset the router, neither solutions solved any problem.


What can I do to solve these problems?

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Hi DiFS,


I like to look at it. I check the modem and the line and then we decide if I send a technician or if it is enough to replace the modem. Please send me your name, address and customer number by PN and let me know when you have sent the message.


Kind regards


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