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Vodafone door to door sales man gave wrong contract terms because I didn't know German too well.

A vodafone door to door salesman came and he offered me gigakombi connection. I didn't know German and he said that he can translate everything for me so that I can understand the terms.

He said that my number wil not change and I'll only have to pay 30 euros every month and nothing more. A few days alter a different sim arrived. Now I am getting charged 67 euros per month and I have no idea what to do.
I have contacted customer service but vodafone doesn't have english helpline.

This is such a messy situation. I am completely stuck with this.

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I speak only english, a vodafone door to door sales man came to the apartment and he targetted english speaking people. I told him that I don't know German and I can't sign a gigakombi contract unless I have it translated. He offered to help and told that all I need to understand is that I will pay 30 euros per month for internet and telephone,

I asked him if I'll get a new number. He said no. You will not get a new number. He went away. On 20th feb I got a new sim and in Feb I got charged for 59. Now on 27 feb I am charged again with 67 euros. My bill used to be 20 euros per month. Now in a month I got charged more than 110 euros. This is crazy and not understandable. 

I went to the customer care center, the guy said the same cases are reported and I should talk to the police and this seems like a bigger thing. 
I am not sure what I can do at this time. I need help. The charges are beyond what I can afford.



Hi mshahzad,

thank you for the inquiry. The whole thing sounds very annoying. Smiley (traurig) Actually, from here it is difficult to understand what was discussed between you.


Did you sign a contract? And did you receive any hardware besides the SIM card?


Many greetings


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He spoke perfect english. I was really very helpful and he built his trust nicely and answered all my questions with a great detail but the details were 'false'.

When I received the invoice after a month I went to the local vodafone shop to see what can be done. The sales person at the shop said that he received multiple complaints in Wilhelm-Raabe-Str 26. The guy did the same to many people and he has sent a letter to his supervisor about this and he will need my details too. 
I asked him details about other people but due to confidentiality he didn't share. 
To answer your question, no other product was delivered beside the sim card. I told hik clearly again and again that I dont want to change my number. He assured me that this is not going to happen and I'll only pay 30 euros for my kabel and phone bill all combined. This conversation was really clear because the contract was in German and I had to rely on him. 

i have the copy of letter from vodafone shop that he sent to his superior. I have attached it to this comment for your viewing 


if you know who the sales person was then please look into his recent contracts and contact those people. 

Id like to seek your help with my case as well as this is a lot of money