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Dear Vodafone team, It has been impossible to get someone who speak english in the hotline.

1. I would like to update my home address

2. I sign for a new contract with calls within the EU included and now I'm being charge 50 Euros extra

3. My SMS wasn't configurated properly so I had to call the customer service line to get it fixed. the problem is meanwhile I couldn't send the text "slow" to deactivate extra internet packages and now I'm being charge for extra internet.



Thank for very much in advance for your time and effort.

Kind regards,

Isabel Pugliese

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Moderatorin Su

Hi IsabelPugliese,


sry for my late reply.


You can reach an english speaking agent when you call 0800-172-1212.

After connecting just say "operator.


Best regards


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It doesn't. Work at all
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You can solve your problems, download the MeinVodafone app on your mobile phone. Click for more information

In the MyVodafone app you can update your customer address under "Meine Daten"

You can also stop the SpeedGo option for the current billing period. This has the same function as the Sms with "slow".

In the current contracts, a roaming flat is included within the EU. Roaming presupposes that you are not in Germany with your German mobile phone, you have to stay in the European countries, then you can use the included Flat.

For conversations from Germany to the EU you can book the "Vodafone internationale MinutenOption" to most contracts. This contains 60 minutes for talks from germany to europe and costs 5 euro per month.


If this is interesting for you, you can also book the option via the app. Choose "Vertrag" "Optionen" "Optionen" it is the offer at the top.

Check once, if the short message center is stored correctly in your mobile phone. It is: +49 172 22 70 333

Click for more information. You can find manuals by clicking here.


since my vocabulary in English is very limited, I have tried google translate, I hope you can still understand everything. Smiley (zwinkernd)
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