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Contract cancellation due to leaving Germany


Hey all,


I have to leave germany in a few weeks. I have sent an email to Vodafone's service to close my contracts: Kabel and Mobilfunk. I've received a confirmation from the Kabel department for the early cancellation, provided that I send an Abmeldung when I get one.


And today I've received a confirmation from the Mobilfunk department that my contract will not be renewed after its normal duration. But this is not the object of my email. The object was an early cancellation due to leaving Germany.


I've looked around and saw a few people in the same case, who apparently could resolve their situation with the help of a Vodafone moderator here on the forum. So this is what I would like to do, too. If anyone have time to take care of my case, it would be much appreciated.


Have a nice day.

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Hi Patroklos, 

Due to the contract being in the mobile section, leaving the country wont lead to an extraordinary cancellation, because theoretically you could use the contract anywhere. Extraordinary cancellations are only possible if Vodafone cant provide service for your mobile phone at your place of stay. So I think there is sadly no possible solution for this problem.

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Hi VaultBoy,


Thanks for the input.

I understand your argument and that it is probably the legal position of mobile providers, but I would ask you to reflect on the relevance of being able to make phone calls at a rate of 1€ per minute or so when you're outside of Europe. This is not the service that you originally pay for. Even if this is a situation that is included in your contract, it is meant as a temporary possibility at most.


This can be further seen if you consider the new european laws regarding roaming in the EU. Now I can go to another european country and call for free there, as long as I use my german mobile phone.

Well, consider that the law includes a protective clause to avoid abuses. Someone who uses his cellphone more outside of the country than inside for several months can have his contract cancelled by the mobile provider, because unreasonable costs are being incurred by the service provider because of the user being out of the country.


In the case of someone who goes to live on another continent, I would argue that unreasonable costs would also be incurred if they continued using the mobile phone with the original contract.


I hope this shows how your theoretical argument does not reflect the spirit of the law.


But all of this is besides the point anyway, because there are examples of people who have done exactly what I describe in my first post for their Mobilfunk contract. Just look it up.

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I aint saying it isnt possible, sure there examples in wich the contracts were extraordinarily cancelled. I am just saying it might be not possible, you are and you have got a point so would recommend you try the Kontaktformular on the Vodafone homepage or try it directly by mail, it might be possible that they will cancel it after considering your situation. but in the Forum we cant help you any further because it is a U2U Forum.

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The Kontaktformular is what I tried first.


I can get help from moderators on the forums. I've seen examples of it, as I said previously. Use the research tool and you will see, too Smiley (zwinkernd)

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Bumping to get a moderator's attention.

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