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Betreff: MeinVodafone-App in app stores of other countries

Hi, is there a reason why the MeinVodafone-App is not available in the Apple App Store for other countries? My Apple country is set to USA, I can see Vodafone apps from many other countries except the Vodafone German one. It is annoying to manage my data plan without the app since and don't really work anymore. I can't really understand the reason.


Thank you.

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Der Ritter

@ggav@  schrieb:

My Apple country is set to USA (...) I can't really understand the reason.

I guess you just quoted the reason yourself.  Your phone is not recognised properly by the Apple App Store and hence the application intended for use only by Vodafone Germany customers is not listed.



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I'm a legal resident of both countries. I'm an authorized and registered user of Vodafone Germany, which makes the app to be useful to me and not useful to any non-registered user that doesn't live in Germany and doesn't have a Vodafone DE phone. I don't think I put the reason out there myself. Vodafone itself has apps from many other countries available in the US app store, but if I download them on my phone they will be useless because I'm not a client of these other countries – same should apply to Vodafone Germany. So what is the point in blocking?

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I'm facing the same problem. Why Vodafone DE is not publishing the app to internatinal stores? 

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And worse now that doesn't seem to be working anymore.

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Hi ggav,


if you haven't installed the app via the German app store, you can have a look in your tariff details via the desktop version of MeinVodafone.




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